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DomainChecker v1.03 is a domain name checker which uses WHOIS queries to find taken, free and expired domain names on over 100 domain extensions.

Wide variety of options
DomainChecker lets you find these domain names in many different ways. It can search the web using keywords of your choice, generate domains based on keywords, import domains from a file, extract from fileformats used by and, and it can also generate misspelled domains.

High performance
DomainChecker uses simultaneous connections to quickly check even the largest of lists. It has no problem processing 100,000 domains in a single session. Other programs may claim to do this, but very few can in fact remain stable and functional such as DomainChecker can when put to the test.

Conforms to your needs
The very large internal database keeps track of all generic top-level domains (gTLD's) and country code top-level domains (ccTLD's). You can edit this database in case you need to include a new top-level domain or WHOIS server if it's not allready included. The filters in the program makes sure that only the domains of your choice remain in the list.

Detailed results
When DomainChecker is done you can export the results to a CSV, XML, HTML or TXT report which includes all the information about each of the domain names in the list. So what are you waiting for? Try it out today for free!
Some of the functions included are...

Use multiple connections to work lightning fast
Easily check thousands of domains
Find taken, free and expired domain names
Generate domain names using keywords
Search the web for domain names
Import/extract domain names from a file
Easily filter out domains of your choice
Add new domain extensions to the database
Manual WHOIS lookup
Quick start wizard
Save a detailed report of the results
And much more..
Clean and simple interface
Advanced settings for the professional user
And more...

Free Shareware limitations
The free Shareware version can check a maximum of 50 domains per session, buy the full version to permanently remove this limitation and to get free support and updates for the program.

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